Packed with Flavor. Not Artificial Ingredients.

Dorda portfolio

Thoroughly Enjoyed

Dorda Liqueurs bring you the indulgence of the finest dark chocolate, hand-crafted sea salt caramel or natural coconut flakes blended with the zest of Chopin Rye Vodka for an irresistible experience.

Thoughtfully Hand-Crafted

Named after the Dorda family, Dorda Liqueurs are the perfect balance of sweet with the spicy flavor of Chopin Rye Vodka. The family is in the pursuit of the best spirits and extracting the best flavor. They do not use any artificial ingredients in their hand-crafted liqueurs. The results are decadent, sweet, salty, zesty and pure enjoyment.

Blissfully Savored

Enjoy Dorda Liqueurs neat, mix them in a cocktail or coffee, pour them over ice cream or cook with them – the variations are endless. You may find yourself going back for seconds (no judgments here), you deserve it.