Thoroughly Enjoyed

Dorda Liqueurs bring you the indulgence of bitter-sweet chocolate and home-made sea salt caramel blended with the zest of Chopin Rye Vodka, for an uplifting, irresistible experience. You just may find yourself going back for seconds (no judgements here).

Thoughtfully Hand-Crafted

Dorda Liqueurs are thoughtfully crafted from the finest ingredients. We slowly melt dark chocolate and hand-craft caramel before blending in vodka and sea salt to form our heavenly liqueurs. Sweet, salty, zesty, decadent…where have we been all your life? We get asked that all the time.

Blissfully Savored

Dorda Liqueurs can be enjoyed as an after dinner treat. Or as an exciting twist to your cold brew. Or in a milkshake that will make you swoon. Or on a dessert that will keep all your friends at the party. Enjoy these indulgent liqueur blends for the uplifting, irresistible moment you've been craving.