Coconut Tres Leche

DifficultyDifficulty Rating: Hard


DifficultyDifficulty Rating: Hard

  • 1 cup Dorda Coconut Liqueur
  • 7 ounces coconut milk
  • 7 ounces condensed milk
  • 6 ounces whole milk
  • 1 10-inch vanilla sponge cake
  • Whipped cream
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In a bowl whisk together the coconut milk, condensed milk, whole milk and Dorda Coconut Liqueur then set aside (tres leches).

Cut the sponge cake into medium size cubes and place into shot glasses or rocks glasses. For the family size, double recipe serving and use a 6×8 deep oven safe dish.

Poke holes in the sponge cake and slowly pour 1/3 of tres leche mix over the cake.

Let absorb for a few minutes. Pour more of the mix and repeat as necessary.

Cake should be very wet.

Place the cake in the refrigerator for a few hours and allow to set.

Garnish with fresh meringue or whipped cream.